Welcome to the website of the Koninklijke Academie voor Mineralogie, a non-profit organisation. Although our website is in Dutch, we would still like to take this opportunity in order to briefly present our organisation, our museum (mineralogy, gemmology, and paleontology) and all its facilities (conference rooms, laboratory, library, and fully equipped lapidary workshop).

The second reason for which this page has been created is to furnish you with all necessary details in case you would be interested to take part in our mineral, gem, and fossil shows.

Our shows IMRA (organised in February) and INTERGEM (in November) take place at the Kinepolis Event Center, located at Groenendaallaan 394, 2030 Antwerp, which is north of Antwerp's city centre. The cinema complex is easily accessible and is very near to the highway exit in Merksem (in the northern part of the Antwerp ring).

Attention! Exit Merksem 1 from the Netherlands will close on February 19, 2023.

From Saturday, February 19, 2023, exit Merksem 1 will close until the end of the Oosterweel works in 2030.
Traffic coming from the north / the Netherlands will be diverted from that date via the Ekeren complex on the A12 and the Noorderlaan. The entrance and exit ramps to and from the south (Ghent, Brussels, Liège, Eindhoven,...) will remain available during the works.

You will have to leave the highway one exit earlier to drive to Merksem or Luchtbal. Otherwise the next exit is Borgerhout.

Coming from Breda (E19):
in Antwerpen-Noord > direction Bergen-op-Zoom (A12) > exit 16 (Ekeren) > Kaaien 1-...
Coming from Bergen-op-Zoom (A12):
exit 16 (Ekeren) > Kaaien 1-...

There's plenty of space available just next to the venue to unload and load your vehicle. This service entry is located on the road between Kinepolis and Decathlon. It can be reached from the Kinepolis parking lot or, when coming from the opposite direction, from Vosseschijnstraat.

Interested in participating in one of our shows?

Please send us an e-mail at:
with the following details:

      Name & Surname
      Phone number
      Company number (VAT)
      Number of metres of table required
      A brief discription of your merchandise

The price is set at €60,- per metre of table.

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